Road Trips

Roger Goldammers Bike

Rogers Bike

Our Friend Roger Goldammer reppin Megadestroyer hard on one of his bikes last year at the Salt Flats. Fuck yeah Roger !


Born Free 4 Trip!

Sorry been busy as fuck since i got back from Cali…work always getting in the way of good times. Great trip with my homies Tj, & Jeffrys down to Born Free 4. Here are some pics from along the way…lots of beers, camping, bikes, beaches, hot weather, more beers, hollyweird, traffic, more beers, miles, and a shit load of good times. Stoked my Shovel ran great as did Jeffreez 48 Pan and Tj’s Sex Carpet (74 triumph). Great job guys 1st time at Born Free and fuck me i was blown away i never thought so many sick bikes could actually congregate at once place at one time. Keep up the great work.